Welcome to the BMEzine Single Sign-On (SSO) server. The BME community of sites is in constant growth with new sites and improvements being introduced all the time. In the process we ran into a small problem: in some cases an "account" is required to participate on a specific site, and if you love participating you could end up managing a handful of accounts.

The goal of this site is to provide a Single Sign-On solution for the growing number of community sites that we host. This Single-Sign On account will grant you access to all of the sites listed below. Simply login to any supported community site with your SSO username and password. That's it! Your account details will travel with you when you login.

We are currently in the process of converting our community sites to the Single Sign-On platform, please be patient as we make the necessary modifications to bring this service to its full potential.

* This account does not grant you access to the protected pages on BMEzine, BMEvideo, or to IAM.BMEzine.com

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Community Sites

  • The BMEzine Encyclopedia - http://wiki.bmezine.com
  • The BMEzine World-wide Studio Directory - http://411.bmezine.com